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२०१६ क्या खोया क्या पाया

मित्रो, २०१७ की अनेक अनेक शुभकामनाएं। आपके सभी संकल्‍प. प्रकल्‍प. विकल्‍प. कल्प. गल्‍प. पूरे हों।
आपकी प्रासंगिकता बनी रहे. सुख समृद्धि प्राप्त हो।
२०१७ की पूर्वसंध्या पर: २०१६ क्या खोया क्या पाया। सुनो #साउंड_क्लाउड


First day at School

Remember the first day at school. It is different experience, feeling, story for each one of us if we look back. The change is similar to coming out of the protected shell and entering the world all alone.
I was there to take my little one to this experience..
I think, the feeling and emotions broadly get driven mostly by external situation and behaviour of others around; You do find some kids coping to this change without too much of extreme emotions.. enjoying the change! It is about socialising, finding friends, finding yourself, your characteristics. As you grow probably the characteristic could change for some of us but definitely you turn young from within as you witness one such situation.


Diwali Memories

Making that toran with Avnish on this Diwali day brought back golden memories when as kid we prepared lanterns.
Some of those childhood memories on Diwali are the most cherished ones. Diwali was vacation with fun filled time and the most awaited one!
Diwali the festival of lights -symbolising the victory of the good over evil is the biggest festival in India.
We used to look forward to fire crackers, vacation camps and extra curricular activities. Colourful and creative gelatin/ paper lantern making was one such intersting activity. Rangolis were itegral part during the festival time- those interesting drawings and desings in courtyard were competed with our cousins on the size and most colourful criteria.
Festival days itself were marked with activities started early in the morning – oil-bath, massage and all this before the dawn break- the kids ready, loaded with their stock for round of firecrackers. This was followed by freshly prepared snacks by Aai: chakali, anarse and curd!
Variety of Diwali faral or snacks with all those items everyone simply freaked out on it.