Something about Me


Just about anything and everything!

…I enjoy Sketching and spend hours together Drawing/ Doing/ Reading stupid things. Everything is of interest. Trying to get feel of things… Tried almost every Game at School.. Loved to be part of everything happening around.. Extra Curricular Activities..

I am interested in all that is happenings around! Art, Music, Movies, Fashion, Govt., Politics, Religion, Journalism, Media, Sports, Business, IT are few of my interest areas.
Interest in visual art and sketching makes me UrbanSketcher and part of the global movement. Volunteering help me participate in various initiatives as Corporate Social Responsibility representative at various programs for senior citizens or needy, as Career Mentor to childern at local school, as volunteer at Tiger Census at Jungle..

Micro-blogging allow me to connect with a greater world.

snapshot of #AboutMe