Mission Moon

India launched Chandrayaan– “Moon Craft” in Sanskrit- a two-year mission to redraw maps of the lunar surface yesterday.
It is time for celebration for Indian scientists and people as the rocket begins its journey to moon from the Sriharikota space center, India.
Relavance? Until now, India’s space launches mainly carried weather warning satellites and communication systems, now we are seeing India lifting its sights. The 3,080-pound lunar probe is planned to create a high-resolution map of the lunar surface and the minerals below. Infact two of the mapping instruments are a joint project with NASA. The Indian mission is not all about rivalry and prestige. India stands to reap rewards from the technology it develops and, it is already showing increased confidence in difficult engineering and quality control.
The $80 million mission is to test systems for a future moon landing, with plans to land a rover on the moon in 2011 and eventually a manned space program?
Clearly this is the begining.. as been put by Indian space agency spokesman “Space is the frontier for mankind in the future. If we want to go beyond the moon, we have to go there first”.


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