Tai O Fishing village

On a lazy Sunday afternoon the gang set out to explore areas of interest in neighbourhood. The destination was Tai O a fishing town on western side of Lantau Island itself.
The pang-uk, a kind of stilt house, built right over the waterway is quite scenic. I was told a rope bridge tended by local women used to be quite popular with visitors, it has now been replaced with a steel pedestrian bridge.
Also known as the Venice of Hong Kong, Tai O is also a tourist spot for both foreigners and residents of other parts of Hong Kong, we met team of trekkers from Hong Kong who arrived over 5 hour trek.
There are these stories about Tai O as the base of many smuggling and piracy operations and the inlets of the river providing excellent protection from the weather and a hiding place -which can be easily believed.
We took a motor boat ride along the river and for short jaunts into the sea. Saw number of tourists take these trips to see Chinese white/ pink dolphins. We too took up a ride it was a paisa wasool one! Well, we didn’t get to see the dolphins but was time well enjoyed away from the hustle of city.
The calm and peaceful sunset stays in memory. It is special not only in being a fishing village, but also not being polluted by urban life yet. So experienced that peace – relaxation and comfort you won’t find in any other parts of Hong Kong.
Missed the traditional salted fish and shrimp paste at storefronts- so there is a plan to go back sometime again on another lazy Sunday!


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