Enjoy the Work

Ask someone what do you want to do and you’ll hear.. I want to Get a new job/ Record a song/ pay off my credit card/ figure out what i want to do with my life/ see The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie/ think of 43 things I want to do before I get to 43/ write a poem/ finish my degree/ Get a kitty!/ lose some weight/ travel to foreign countries/ Buy a horse/ Go parasailing/ find out what my blood type is/ learn to tap dance/ eat less chocolate/ Build a Linux computer system/ Eat cheese/ Stop watching TV/ move to Hawaii on vacation/ sleep under the stars/ Become a better programmer/ pay off student loan/ Learn to Salsa/ become a better photographer/ Work out more
Most of us spend much time and effort at work… Look at it as “a job”… do we know if we really like what we do and who we work with. End up spending time on something we hate!
Trying to stay upbeat and positive about what we do is the way out, but sometimes the vibe of a place can subtley shift and things start to spiral downwards. It sometimes seems easier to go with a downward flow than trying to create an upward trend!
At work it is important to enjoy what we do. Work may lead to monotony which further lead to boredom. Work can be made interesting taking it as a challenge and constantly learning new things, improving the way we work!
Most of us don’t, like it when things aren’t flowing smoothly. Disorganisation in the workplace, especially when an organised work center is required to keep people satisfied. People don’t like having a co-worker who can’t keep promises and is constantly maintaining instead of striving to improve. That kind of attitude can take root and spread faster than the common cold.
It is like “Broken Window” theories. A theory that states when one window in a community is broken, the general attitude is that people don’t care. When that assumption goes around, the more brazen of our species start pushing limits: breaking more windows, spray painting walls, destroying unoccupied buildings. That leads to a more dilapidated neighborhood which leads to easier thefts and higher crime rates. If that one window had been maintained, the downward spiral might have been avoided.
At work it seems like we have a couple of broken windows and more are appearing along with some badly done graffiti…
Little things can make people feel like they’re appreciated at work and makes people want to keep the workplace looking good and functioning properly. Others recognise the attitude and respond appropriately. So it is up and up!
But starting the swing upwards is a lot harder than letting it all go and letting paperwork and parts pile up and letting things slip through the cracks.
Making work FUN is important! Keeping a great attitude is infectious and it is easier to work hard when you really like your job. The key is to STAY there and have more fun. Enjoy the Work!!


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